First time visit and testimonial

Good Morning,

I am writing to you tell you about my great first day Fishing in around 8 - 10 years.

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Andy, for his advice prior to my day at Headlands. I phoned on the Wednesday/ Thursday before and he was very helpful offering me advice on which lake would be best for me, baits to use etc..

I arrived to the lake early Sunday at around 0630 am, as suggested I fished on the bottom lake using my Drennan Red Range 11ft Pellet Waggler with a fixed spool reel with 4lb line. 

I started fishing around 0700am just on maggots, and feeding little and often, this seemed to send the fish crazy! it was bight after bight and I was successfully catching small bream, perch and roach. it was great, I wasn't expecting to catch so much.

At around 730 I had a big bite, nearly taking my rod into the lake! before I knew it  was over and it had snapped my hook length and that was that. This did leave me a little frustrated and confused, I had set up like I had been shown (on YouTube). This happened again about 2 times, I then realised that I hadn't set the drag, or how to even use it. so I asked another angler on the lake if he could help, he set the drag on my reel, showed me how to change it and I was off again.

Now with the drag set, I had another bite and again it was a big one, my heart was racing much like the line he was darting around the lake from left to right and as quick as I reeling line it was taking it. I was playing the fish for a good 10- 15mins each time I would get it close to net it would dart off again! but in the end I landed it, and what a feeling that was. I didn't have scales on me but another guy had came over to have a look as probably looked liked I didn't have a clue, he helped me unhook the fish. He did tell me that from his experience he thought it was easily 12lbs.

Through out the day I was using a mixture of Maggots, Luncheon Meat and a strawberry flavoured hook pellet. I must say that the Maggot was defiantly the most successful and I ended up just using luncheon meat to feed.

Overall my first day at Headlands was fantastic, it was exciting with plenty of catching, in total I caught 2 Carp, 20+ small 2-4lb Bream, Perch and Roach.